In the second half of December, after a number of taken activities, the export of the fish products from B&H to the European Union will be finally enabled. Today, the meeting with the representatives of potential exporters and representatives of inspectorates was held, where they agreed on, prior to the actual exportation, high-quality preparation of all tasks relating to future export.


On the Board meeting, at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, the Veterinary Office applied for the procurement of the laboratory equipment for the residuum control in the products of animal origin. The Board, presiding with the ministry Mladen Zirojević, unanimously accepted this initiative. With the procurement of this equipment, the level of the consumer protection would be raised, but it would also affirm the food exportation from B&H.


The director of the Veterinary Office of B&H, PhD Drago N. Nedić, received the menagement of the PfD Project for the strengthening of the border veterinary stations, financed by the USA. It is stated that the works on the construction of the border veterinary post Rača are going well. The procurement of the equipment for this, as well as for the other posts, is being expected from Washington, D.C.


Today, the director of Veterinary office, PhD Drago N. Nedić, was in a official visit to the Veterinary Office of Montenegro, whose director is Mr Ivan Popović. They talked about co-operation in the section of the veterinary medicine, exchange of animal consignments and products of animal origin. The interlocutors were pleased with the good co-operation between the veterinary offices of the two countries.


The Veterinary Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized a public discussion about the Law on veterinary drugs and veterinary-medical products. The representatives of the competnet entity authorities and Brčko District attended the discussion. It is expected that this Law will be adopted after the procurement of the opinions of the comptent authorities.

2011, a landmark year for the veterinary profession around the world

In 1761, Claude Bourgelat managed to persuade King Louis XV of France of the need to train specialists to treat animal diseases.

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