Press release regarding the occurence of Bluetongue in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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 This is to inform you on occurence of Bluetongue on three sheep in the Trebinje Municipality. This is the first positive case in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the last recorded case in 2003. 

After the disease registered by veterinary inspectors and positive results of  serological tests, that have been carried out by Veterinary Institute of Republic of Srpska „Dr Vaso Butozan“, have been obtained, Joint Center for Disease Cintrol has been established by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations B&H, and center manger is appointed to be  Ljubomir Kalaba, Director of Veterinary Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
All competent vetrinary services in Bosnia and Herzegovina are involved in the control of the disease carrying out all legal measures in order to prevent spread of Bluetongue, as well as all measures stipulated in the Rule on measures for control and eradication of Bluetongue („Official Gazette of BiH“, No.38/10).
In all neighbouring countries (Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia) the Bluetongue has been previously confirmed, of  what Veterinary Office  of BiH was officially notified.
Bluetongue is viral disease of ruminants, mainly sheep, but also cattle and goats. This disease does not belong to the group of zoonoses and therefore is not dangerous to humans.
Bluetongue disease can not be transmitted by contact between infected animals, but only by the midge Culicides, so the spread of the disease depends solely on the movement of the infected midges.
You will be noitified on all changes in a timely manner. 

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