Study tour: the Italian experience for more effective rabies control in BiH

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 IPA 2012 EU funded project that provides for Technical assistance in coordination of programmes of Animal Disease Control and eradication in the fields of brucellosis and rabies in BiH, organised a visit of representatives of BiH authority institutions in the veterinary sector, led by the Veterinary Office of BiH, to the Institute Zooprofilattico delle Venezie (IZSVe) Legrand Padova. IZSVe is a health institution that carries out prevention, research and provides services in the field of animal health (domestic and wild), zoonosis, food safety and environmental protection.

During the visit, the participants had a unique opportunity to gain practical experience on measures concerning animal health as well as diagnostic methods for the control, monitoring and eradication of rabies among wild animals which are managed by the Ministry of Health as the responsible body for animal health in the Republic of Italy and implemented by IZSVe Legrand Padova. In addition to discussions and exchange of experiences, the participants of the study tour had the opportunity to attend presentations and practical activities in the planning and carrying out the manual distribution of oral vaccine against rabies, geo-positioning of bait vaccine using GPS devices, monitoring the effectiveness of the vaccine and the consumption of the target population.

Presentation of the Program for monitoring and eradication of rabies in BiH for the period 2011-2015, was considered by Italian colleagues from IZSVe as extremely successful and it was pointed out that the strategic approach that is implemented by BiH and achieved results in a short time are excellent indicator that the Veterinary Office applied the best practices of EU countries.

Particular attention was dedicated to the presentation of Geographic Information System which is applied in the control, supervision and monitoring of rabies by IZSVe Institute, and which the experts in the field of veterinary medicine and veterinary epidemiology in BiH recognized as an advanced and applicable in local conditions. Future cooperation between IZSVe and Veterinary Office was agreed through cooperation and training program in terms of Geographic Information System and other databases for tracking animal diseases (including rabies) in the field, training of laboratory specialists and epidemiologists, and other practical issues.

Realization of cooperation of the two institutions will contribute to more effective control, monitoring and eradication of rabies and other animal diseases in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the establishment of cooperation on other issues in the field of veterinary medicine.

EU funded IPA 2012 Technical Assistance Coordination of Animal Disease Control and Eradication Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Phase III


This text has been prepared by the Technical Assistance (TA) team provided by the Contractor, Opera S.r.l. The findings, conclusions and interpretations expressed in this document are those of the authors alone and should in no way by taken to reflect the policies or opinions of the European Union. As a result, these will be verified before implementation of any of the recommendations contained herein.

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