Trainings for hunters and game keepers successfully completed

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Veterinary Office of BiH, as the lead beneficiary institution of the IPA 2012 EU funded project that provides for Technical assistance in coordination of programmes of Animal Disease Control and eradication in the fields of brucellosis and rabies in BiH, in cooperation with the project team, realised a series of educational seminars for hunters, game keepers and other authorities who are engaged in hunting in BiH. The main subject of the trainings was the control and eradication of rabies among wild animals, which are the most common carriers of this dangerous disease, common to both humans and animals.

A great response and interest shown by the hunting associations testifies about importance of this topic - 238 participants of educational trainings held in ten locations in BiH during the period from 22 September 2015 to 7 October 2015, had the opportunity to actively participate and discuss issues related to the control and eradication of rabies in BiH and the region, with special emphasis on the control program after the oral vaccination of foxes in order to verify its effectiveness. In addition to introduction to the program control rabies, the goal of educational seminars was to establish stronger cooperation between the veterinary service and hunting associations in terms of monitoring other diseases of wild animals, the hunting tourism through support for the export of trophies as well as regular exchange of information and education.

Active and responsible involvement of hunters and gamekeepers throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina in running this important action is of great importance, particularly their participation in the sampling /fox carcase under the control of the vaccination efficiency. Also, hunters who attended trainings in all locations received waterproof plastic bags for samples packaging / fox carcases to ensure proper collection and transportation of samples to the collection points. Moreover, this was an opportunity for hunters to inform both the Veterinary Office of BiH and the project team about the problems in the field of wildlife management and the situations they face in participating in the control and eradication of rabies, but also to give their suggestions for the improvement. Great interest of hunters and hunting associations to participate in this series of trainings testifies the need for continuous education of hunters and improving cooperation with the State Veterinary Office and the veterinary services in BiH.

EU funded IPA 2012 Technical Assistance Coordination of Animal Disease Control and Eradication Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Phase III


This text has been prepared by the Technical Assistance (TA) team provided by the Contractor, Opera S.r.l. The findings, conclusions and interpretations expressed in this document are those of the authors alone and should in no way by taken to reflect the policies or opinions of the European Union. As a result, these will be verified before implementation of any of the recommendations contained herein.

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