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The final conference of the project “CAPS2- Strengthening Centres for Aquaculture production and Safety surveillance in Adriatic Cross-border Countries "(2nd. Ord./0216), co-funded by the European Union under the Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 IPA Adriatic Cross Border cooperation, took place in Split, Croatia on 5 May 2016.

This EU project, started in October 2012 and concluding on 30 June 2016, aims to contribute to the improvement of safety and surveillance of aquaculture products in the Adriatic, through the execution of various project components: the training of partner laboratories on different diagnostic methods for the detection of chemical contaminants, microbiological, biotoxins and viruses according to European Union legislation, the acquisition of specific diagnostic equipment and tools, the application of GIS systems and surveillance plans and risk analysis.

The project partners, coming from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy and Montenegro, cooperate in order to achieve the overall objective which is to promote the adoption of harmonised diagnostic strategies, planning and surveillance tools and risk analysis in the aquaculture sector.



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