A round table "Control of Rabies and Brucellosis and Epidemiological Situation in the Region" held on Jahorina

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 SARAJEVO, 1 December 2016. – The EU funded project “Technical Assistance in Coordination of Animal Desease Control and Eradication Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Phase III", in cooperation with the Veterinary Office of BiH as the leading beneficiary institution of the project, organized a regional meeting of representatives of the relevant Veterinary administrations / offices / agencies of the Western Balkans countries on Jahorina, concerning the control of animal deseases, such as rabies and brucellosis, and on epidemiological situation in the region. 

Welcoming the participants of the round table, Melvin Asin, Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to BiH said: "The European Union provides significant assistance to the veterinary sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina in recent years. BiH has seen positive trends in the control of animal deseases, but there is still a significant need for the continuation of work, harmonized development and cooperation with countries in the region, particularly with regard to the intake and spread of infectious deseases. "

"The aim of this round table is, above all, the exchange of information and experiences regarding the suppression and control of rabies and brucellosis, but also discussion about other deseases with cross-border effect which our institutions are facing," said Dr. Ljubomir Kalaba, Director of the Veterinary Office of BiH.

Participants of today's roundtable adopted a number of conclusions relating to the need to maintain the regional cooperation in terms of exchange of information on developments and disease control methods, results and planning of future measures.

IPA 2012 project funded by the EU - “Technical Assistance in Coordination of Animal Disease Control and Eradication Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Phase III", was launched in March 2015 and will last until March 2017. The task of the project is, among other things, support for the full implementation of the program of control and eradication of rabies and brucellosis.

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