Animal Health and Welfare Department

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Basic Department Information

  1. Chief of Department
    Zorana Mehmedbašić,
    Tel: +387 33 565 718,
  2. Senior associate for Veterinary Epidemiology
    Dženo Hadžović,
    Tel: +387 33 565 739,
  3. Senior Associate for Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories
    Svjetlana Batinić Nemet,
    Tel: +387 33 565 738,
  4. Senior Associate for animal health and Welfare Department
  5. Aleksandar Nemet,

    Tel: +387 33 565 746,


Action domain of the Department

The Department’s competence is to perform the following activities:

  1. Prepares laws and bylaws pertaining to animal health and welfare;
  2. Monitors the epizootic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and the world and prepares appropriate measures to prevent the entering of contagious diseases in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  3. Prepares programs for the control of contagious diseases in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  4. Proposes veterinary - health conditions for import and transit of animals and products of animal origin;
  5. Performs other tasks by order of the Director or Deputy Director;
  6. Supervises implementation of laws and bylaws pertaining to animal health and welfare;
  7. Conducts inspection in accordance with the provisions of the Veterinary Law in BiH and the Law on Animal Protection and Welfare;
  8. Conducts inspection which at first instance carry out cantonal/municipal and entity inspectors and at second instance, the state veterinary inspectors;
  9. Supervises the implementation of protection measures, facilities, equipment and work methods of the veterinary inspection in the field of animal welfare;
  10. Conducts veterinary health checks and controls in respect to animal welfare, transportation of animals, and animal control before slaughter and methods of stunning the animals, animal breeding control, work methods of hygienic services and animal shelters.


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