Agency for Animal Identification

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Basic Department Information

Agency for Animal Identification
Dragana Bubića 14 
Banja Luka
Tel: + 387 51 457 610
Fax: + 387 51 457 290

  1. Slobodanka Čekić – Chief of Department,
  2. Duška Kopustenjski – Operative Manager,


Action domain of the Department

The Department is competent for the following activities:

  • Registration, identification and animal movement control;

Through the Animal Identification and Movement Control System (AIMCS) and in accordance with the Veterinary Law, each animal (of the bovine species, including buffalo (bubalus bubalus) and bison (bison bison) on the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is being identified and their movement registered. All farms, slaughterhouses and cattle markets, including the newly formed ones are also registered through this system.
For the purpose of the aforementioned:

  • Each farm, slaughterhouse and cattle market must be registered in the State Database (SDB) with special and permanent alphanumeric registration and identification code.
  • Each animal must be marked with an individual ear tag, and its owner must possess a cattle passport for the animal, which is also registered in SDB.
  • Consequently, every animal’s movement could only be performed with possession of a necessary documentation and every animal movement must also be registered in SDB.

Animal Identification and Movement Control System is under direct competence of the Veterinary Office of BiH and operative activities of animal identification and movement control (AIMCS) are efficiently and effectively performed by the Agency for Animal Identification and Movement Control which is integral part of the VO of BiH.

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