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Prospects of Fight against Brucellosis and its Eradication in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 5th February 2009, BiH Veterinary Office organized and successfully held a round-table discussion titled “Prospects of Fight against Brucellosis and its Eradication in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”
This event is a part of sustained activities of BiH Veterinary Office aimed at improvement of both health status of humans and animals in our country.
As incidence of this disease in both humans and animals in past 2 years has significantly affected both security and health conditions, as well as economical environment in BiH, there has been a universal agreement about the need to reach a harmonized and expert-supported model for solutions to this issue.
Representatives from all relevant veterinary agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Expert Team hired by the international donor, the Swedish NGO SIDA, and officials of the World Bank and European Union were provided with the description of the Project Program whose implementation would represent a positive step forward in terms of long-term strategic approach in eradicating brucellosis in our country.
Development of the Project proposal (the Program) was initiated by BiH Veterinary Office as a national agency responsible for its implementation, whereas the document itself came as a result of well planned and coordinated activities of the Working Group made of representatives from all competent agencies and reputed BiH experts in the area of veterinary medicine. Thus this document represents a nation-wide strategy and exceptional platform for application of European good practice standards and models in fight against this disease.
Major elements of this project approach are:

  • Sustained and coordinated work of all relevant professional and policy players in BiH supported by international expert and donor teams;
  • Standardization, sustained monitoring and evaluation of diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic process;
  • ‘Mass vaccination’ of big and small ruminants;
  • Formal approval and application of ‘good practice’ in formation of budget lines for payment of compensations for farmers and owners of diseased animals;
  • Improvement of overall veterinary and sanitary measures;
  • Standardization of databases;
  • Cooperation with Human Public Health Department and coordinated training for and information of ‘target population groups’ and general public.

As Director of BIH Veterinary Office and National Project Coordinator Drago Nedić, PhD said, the plan is to start with implementation of this new joint and long-term Project to Fight and Eradicate Brucellosis in BiH in the Q12009 and its implementation will be partially funded by donor funds provided by Swedish SIDA in total amount of some BAM 2 million.

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