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Start of Implementation of Program to Control and Fight Against Brucellosis in BiH

The Program comes as a result of work of Operational Work Group made of experts from areas of epidemiology, diagnostics, public health – representatives from competent State and Entity agencies, as well as the renowned international experts in design and implementation of programs whose purpose is to control and fight zoonotic diseases.
Following administrative and legislative procedure and adoption of program plan by the Council of Ministers of BiH, implementation of planned activates commenced in early May. The first stage of the Program will be characterized by a mass vaccination of sheep in BiH. The vaccination is to be carried out in the period between May and July 2009 using OCUREV 1, a vaccine that thus far reported best results both in the region and in the EU countries. With this our county will start to implement positive European practice in control and fight against brucellosis. All costs towards field vaccination will be covered by the State of BiH from the earmarked budget funds financed by the donor.
As representatives of donors and sector Ministry said, this is a complex and highly advanced step forward in attempt to contain the epidemic primarily in humans but also in animals. This is why this Program and its implementation should be imperative for both all competent agencies and individual people from communities.
Director of BiH Veterinary Office, Drago N. Nedić, PhD stressed that efficiency of the overall system in achievement of the end goal mostly relies on active involvement and support in Program implementation by the farmers themselves as well as all parties involved in this exercise.
Funds for implementation of the first stage of this important country-wide project were donated by the Swedish Development Agency (SIDA) and the Swedish Embassy in BiH.
The news conference featured the following persons:


  • His Excellency Bosse Hedberg, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Mr. Hedlund Anders, Director of Swedish Development Agency (SIDA);
  • Mr. Mladen Zirojević, Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina; and
  • Mr. Drago N. Nedić, PhD, Director of BiH Veterinary Office.


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