Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations
Veterinary Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Competence and Goals
The Decision of the Council of Ministers of December 18, 2000 established the Veterinary Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina (VO B&H). This state authority is under direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (MFTER B&H). 
The Veterinary Office harmoniously executes the legally set jurisdictions and in accordance with the operative activities of the entity veterinary services, as well as in accordance with the activities of the veterinary service of Brčko District. 
This is all made with a view to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire system of services in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to maintain the status of internationally recognized state veterinary service. 
In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, the Veterinary Office continually carries out the following activities:
  • It proposes regulations and co-ordinates the execution of the peculiar measures, methods and control procedures for the infective and parasite diseases of the A and B lists of the International zoo-sanitary codex of the OIE;
  • It proposes veterinary conditions for the international traffic (export from Bosnia and Herzegovina and import to Bosnia and Herzegovina) of animals, raw materials, litter and products of animal origin;
  • It proposes conditions for registration of the animal slaughter facilities and execution of the peculiar procedure of registration of facilities for production, processing, tooling, finishing or keeping the products or raw materials of animal origin intended for export and import, respectively;
  • It proposes regulations for the execution of a unique program of monitoring and control of the animal residuum, as well as for the products and raw materials of animal origin;
  • It co-ordinates the work of the border veterinary inspection and proposes regulations for the settlement of the unique documentation for export and import, respectively, of animals, raw materials, litter, and products of animal origin, as well as establishment of the unique information system of the border veterinary inspection;
  • It co-operates with international veterinary, health and similar institutions and associations (O. I. E., WHO, FAO, European Commission, etc.)
Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations
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