What is the prevention from brucellosis?

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  • Avoid unpasteurized dairy products. If you are not sure whether a product is pasteurized, do not take a risk.
  • Cook meat thoroughly. Meat should be cooked until its internal temperature is between 63 and 74 oC. If you eat out, you should order meat at least medium-well. When you travel abroad, you should avoid meat from street sellers and order meat well-done.
  • Wear gloves. Veterinarians, farmers, hunters and slaughterhouse workers should wear rubber gloves when they handle sick or dead animals or animal tissue or when they help animals giving birth.
  • Take safety precautions in high-risk workplaces. Laboratory workers should handle all samples under appropriate biosafety conditions. Workers exposed to the bacteria should be treated immediately. Slaughterhouses should also follow protective measures, such as separation of the killing floor from other processing areas and use of protective clothing.
  • Immunize domestic animals.

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