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Brucellosis control in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2009

The primary and secondary phase of the Informative campaign program within the activities of control and fight against Brucellosis in B&H are finished by the realization of professional and informative monitoring, acquisition of general solution, preparation and distribution of all informative material:

  • Of textual information for print media,
  • Posters and educational pamphlets for professional and all other institutions,
  • Posting of jumbo-posters for mass informing,
  • Production and presentation of radio and TV reportage,
  • Finally, publication of all mentioned above via telecommunicating and informational media.

In final part of the “Control and fight against Brucellosis by mass vaccination of sheep and goat in B&H” program, the tertiary level of the Informative campaign is completed.
Besides the distribution of the informative material via print, electronic and digital media, and with use of methodology of interactive information flow, video reportages are also produced based on visit of prominent experts and workers – the representatives of all competent institutions. These program units were published in theme and contact radio and television shows on the entire B&H territory.
The activity aimed at all interested parties involved with the realization of the “Control and fight against Brucellosis” program to inform them about the status of the undertaken activities, accomplished goals, as well as to point out the current issues and their professional and technical solutions.
Themes which according all statistic data were collected in the biggest number within the project monitoring phase or they were delivered in forms of questions to the addresses of the competent institutions as well as media representatives in the entire B&H were used during the realization of all above mentioned programs.
The most prominent themes undoubtedly were:

  1. Information about the undertaken activities and accomplished goals;
  2. The risk of additional infection of humans and animals during the vaccination of sheep and goat on the field and after the program completion;
  3. The change of the procedures set by the Book of regulations during and before the consummation of the food of animal origin;
  4. Continuity in fight against Brucellosis as a zootonic disease – the role of competent institutions and priorities at the production of future strategic and operative programs;
  5. The operative issues of B&H – the folk tradition and customs in collision with the principles of the fight against disease;
  6. Advantages of use of the current program for the entire B&H population;
  7. Easement at the expenses for the state as well as for an individual during the implementation of this program;
  8. Sanction systems;
  9. Scientific and professional argumentation as an answer to the most frequently asked questions;
  10. The use of program as a part of the entire strategy for systematic solutions of problems in the veterinarian sector for the control of public health in B&H;
  11. The standardization of cattle production through the implementation of “Control and fight against Brucellosis” program as an institutional and sector priority in the all processes of B&H integration in European economic and trade courses.

The previously emphasized information have been completed with video materials which treat the mentioned themes. After you choose a theme, you click a link to see detailed material information.
One of our priorities is a continuous exchange of information and a transparent communication between all the interested parties in the process, and we believe that it will help very much to the effective and efficient continuance of the undertaken activities. We are sure that your comments, questions and/or information will give a major contribution to them. Do not hesitate to contact us.
Veterinary Office of B&H – the Director’s Office
The Operative working group
Team for the realization of the Informative campaign

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